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What should I do, I’m pregnant…
What should I do, I’m pregnant…

I didn’t plan to become pregnant.
I think my birth control failed.
I don't get my period.
I can’t take care of a baby.
What are my options for abortion?

Unplanned pregnancy?
Don’t know what to do?

You are not alone.
Please contact us!

Consultation is free.
We will respect your privacy.

What is Tochigi Pregnancy Crisis Hotline?

We were established in November,
2021 to prevent

  • Infant death and serious injury caused by child abuse
  • Infant Abandonment
  • Emergency delivery without prenatal checkup

We wish that

  • Safe pregnancy and childbirth for all women
  • All children to live well
  • Everyone can live the life they want

Operated by
Tochigi Midwives Association

(Commissioned by Tochigi Prefecture)

About us

Tochigi Midwives Association
451-1 Sakitama, Nasushiobara city, Tochigi , 325-0033
TEL 080-9662-1103